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enyuycRose McCarthy Family Residence

This Tier II homeless shelter is temporary home to 36 families of varying sizes. They are provided with a variety of services toward the goals of securing permanent housing within six to nine months. Staff ensure safe and secure temporary housing and assist residents to engage in productive activities that will enable greater self-sufficiency. On-site services include independent-living skills workshops, job placement, day care services, after school youth services and family activities.

Case management –

Residents meet with Case Workers at least bi-weekly to assess family needs and develop and implement a service plan that is updated bi-weekly. Caseworkers provide crisis intervention, counseling, information and referral advocacy and over all case management services.

Substance abuse services –

Upon identification and assessment of a need for this service, the caseworker makes referrals to substance abuse treatment services and twelve-step programs and follows-up to monitor compliance and progress.

Housing services –

Residents meet with the Housing Specialist at least monthly to develop and implement a housing service plan that includes an assessment of the family’s housing needs, determining the programs for which they are eligible and completing applications for these programs. The Housing Specialist also assists residents with their independent housing search and conducts a series of six housing workshops.

Recreational services –

Regularly scheduled activities are provided for all residents five days a week and some weekends. These include an after-school program and various educational games and arts and crafts. Activities, including trips and shows, are scheduled for weekends.

Child Care –

A day care program cares for children from one to five year of age to allow parents to engage in necessary and productive activities such as work, training, keeping appointments for entitlements and conducting a housing search.

Independent Living Training –

Social Services staff conduct a series of six workshops on skills to assist residents to manage better in a number of areas including money management, housing search and maintenance, parenting health and nutrition and legal issues including self-advocacy. All residents are mandated to attend.

Employment and education assessment and referral –

The Family Activities Coordinator/Employment Counselor conducts assessments of job skills and educational interests and refers residents to employment, training or educational programs. The Coordinator also follow-ups to monitor progress of residents in their placements. In addition, the Family Activities Coordinator/Employment Counselor also conducts basic computer skills classes with the goal of enabling the residents to prepare their resumes.

Security –

Staff is on duty round the clock to ensure the safety and security of the residents and to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

Maintenance –

Staff maintains the building in a sanitary condition makes minor repairs and arranges for more extensive repairs.

Groups –

Several support groups meet during the week to assist residents in addressing a variety of issues that are of concern to them and their families. These are groups for both adults and children. For the adults there is a women’s group and a men’s group. For children there is a teen group held weekly. Monthly Town Hall meetings are conducted as well.

Additional services are provided on site by staff of other agencies.These services includes:

Medical services-

Routine medical services such as exams. Immunizations, medication monitoring, and referrals are provided on a monthly basis by the Floating Hospital. Those in need of more extensive follow-up services are referred to local health providers including the East New York Diagnostic Center, Brookdale Hospital and other community medical facilities.

Early intervention –

Theracare provides assessment, education and therapeutic services for children from birth to five years of age upon referral.

Educationally related services –

A full-time staff member of the Board of Education assists families to register their children in school, monitors school attendance and meets with parents, whose children miss school and assists parents who are moving to transfer their children to the school in their new neighborhood.

Other activities are frequently held for specific purposes. Examples of these activities are:

Workshops –

Workshops are held on a regular basis on relevant topics such as asthma, safe sex/AIDS prevention, and parenting skills and are conducted by outside experts. In addition, an orientation for new residents is held bi-weekly to introduce the program, and to explain the residence rules and regulations and the expectations for participation in the program including meeting with the caseworker, a housing search and in development activities including the Independent Living workshops and employment and educational activities.

Summer Camp –

A summer day camp is conducted on-site five days a week during the months of July and August. In addition, families are helped to register their children in sleep-away camps through DHS.

Special events are conducted throughout the year such as:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Women’s

History Month, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Fourth of July Barbecue, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and much more.

Community Involvement Residents and staff attend various community meetings and participate in community events including Community Council meeting at the 75th Precinct, Community Board Meetings, the East New York HIV Network and the annual East New York Community Fair.

Volunteer and Intern Program Students are placed at the residence providing services in various programs. Participating colleges include York College and Fordham University School of Social Work.

BEGIN and WEP workers are also placed on-site and assist in administrative duties.

In the summer months, participants of the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) also join us.

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